The Levi snake at it again

Oh. he has “huge” dirt, eh? Like this?

Johnston also told Rodriguez he’s been hearing a lot about his saying in a recent first-person tell-all in Vanity Fair magazinethat Palin routinely referred to her baby, Trig, who suffers from Down syndrome, as “retarded.”

“I was just in shock for the first time I heard it,” Johnston recalled for Rodriguez. “And then she’d say it regularly. And I think she was joking, but it doesn’t make it right.”

So why do you have trouble with Mom calling a spade a spade? Because you’re afraid of what she could call you?


3 Responses to The Levi snake at it again

  1. kishnevi says:

    I think you’ve come up against a generation gap thing.

    From what I can tell, “retarded”, especially for members of Levi’s generation, has a much more insulting meaning, then it did when we were his age, and it’s politer meaning, so to speak, has been replaced by PC-ish terms like mentally handicapped. mentally disabled, and developmentally disabled. So in Levi’s mind it probably is much less of an objective diagnosis and much more of an insult than it is for us.

    It’s rather as if Levi was to call his own kid “bastard”. Yes, it’s true, but should he be the one to insult his own kid that way.

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    I dunno, we used “Retarded/retard” enough as an insult when I was growing up, and it was an insult BECAUSE it was a bad thing, without any PC window dressing. I like to remember or think that we had enough class not to call an actual retard a retard, but kids are kids. Now, I guess it’s forbidden to use “retard”, which is why there are so many “short bus” and “special” jokes.

    As for “bastard”, it’s totally lost its original meaning, except among the sort who’d read Tuchman’s Distant Mirror and encounter the Bastard de Coucy. I have 5 bastard grandchildren, and if you called them that and explained what it meant, they’d look at you like “So what’s the problem?” We’re still working on explaining that Grampa is NOT “Gramma’s boyfriend.”

  3. James Quick says:

    Ah yes, IMHO Levi’s son may technically be a Bastard But he can do nothing about it. Levi on the other hand is literally a Bastard and if he were any form of a man he would shut his pie hole.


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