John Adams is blogging

Yes, that John Adams.

And he’s even allowing comments.


4 Responses to John Adams is blogging

  1. kishnevi says:

    Before I clicked through, I had hopes it was THAT John Adams–you know, POTUS II; he’d probably have a few choice things to say, I think.

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    Didn’t the Alien and Sedition Acts happen under his watch? Maybe he’d fit right in. It would be cool if my favorite Presidents hit the blosphere…but I doubt we’d get much from Cal Coolidge.

    I hope that John and Western Civ last long enough for him to write an opera about Obama. I see the makings of Greek tragedy here. (One word: hubris), He’s kind of Cal-lefty, but astute enough about humanity that he could draw the lessons, I think.

    Speaking of Coastals, I’ve got a Net bud in Oregon who had been the victim of a no-knock raid persuant to local GOB attempts to close a business she was invested in. And for a good long while she’d seemed inoculated against gooferment (waking up to a gun in your face will do that to you.). Alas, her daughter got MS, she’s developed pernicious anemia (or whatever they now call a chronic B12 shortage), and is all about single-payer. At least we can agree that the proposed abortion is nothing but an insurance company subsidy, but it grieves the shit out of me, as once I would have married her.

  3. jeffreyquick says:

    I sort of had to say “that John Adams” after the way Ace was goofing the other day… There was some 23yo street thug got killed in Buffalo, and his momma Ms. Rogers thought it would be cute to name her son Mister, as in “Mr. Mister Rogers”. Of course I thought it was the war hero, minister, and broadcaster who got plugged.

  4. kishnevi says:

    Having a chronic illness impacts powerfully on how you deal with the health industry and health insurance.

    Under the present system, I can’t get insurance except what’s provided by my employer; I’m lucky that I have access to a relatively good plan. But until I get old enough for Medicare, I won’t be able to get private insurance (I now have five pre-existing conditions: Crohn’s, chronic sinusitis and bronchitis, GERD, arthritis, and osteoporosis [the final three result from the Crohn’s, either directly or from the medication I have to take for it] plus a pelvis full of metal pins). Which means that if/when I change jobs or when my employer decides to make serious cutbacks, I’ll be sucking wind insurance-wise, if there isn’t some government program in place to take up the slack.

    Hence I tend to have some very mixed views on health care “reform”.

    BTW, didn’t the real Mister Rogers die about a year ago?

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