Bye, Dede

This isn’t so much about the Scozzafava suspension, as about Ace’s reaction to it.
He contrasts Limbaugh’s pragmatism with Beck’s purism (Glenn, not Billy…who really is a purist), and sides with Limbaugh. As usual with slaves of the Duopoly, he misses the point.

The Hoffman thing is a fluke, because it happened in one of the few states with a functional 3rd party system, because of the possibility of multi-line candidacy. It’s not going to happen somewhere like Ohio. Nobody was insisting on ideological purity in a Republican; a bunch of people just decided to vote ideology instead of party, in a rare situation where that was possible.

The way forward is not to arguable about successful electoral strategies within the Duopoly. That’s a non-starter, because the battle will always be about power instead of ideology. What we need is a free and open electoral system in this country, and instead of lobbying for short-term goals, Republicans and Democrats both need to work for a system where every party plays by the same rules. If a minor party needs 40K petition signatures to get on the ballot, so do the Democrats. If they can lose ballot access by getting too few votes, so can the Republicans. And get multi-line like in NY (you know, that right of free association?) Now, that will be a hard sell, because it isn’t in the interest of the Duopoly to do it. but if we make it in the interests of the individual politicians to make it happen, it could happen. At that point, with a lively spectrum of options, the Left will “split the vote” as often as the Right, and pragmatic, “what’s in it for me” voters will be choosing different folks from we ideologues.


One Response to Bye, Dede

  1. James Quick says:

    I agree but since that is not gonna happen, we need to work within the parties by running Libertarian Conservatives against Rhinos and left of center liberals instead of Hard Left commies, and then supporting the non incumbants. Washington constipates Pols and they need an enima every few years to get rid of the crap.


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