“Dead to the world” ≠”Dead in the world”

I think “survival” is an improper goal for a Christian. We are supposed to be “dead” already, having surrendered all this stuff anyway. I do think that “working with your hands so that you may have something to share with those in need” is a proper goal for myself, though.

Uh, no.  You can neither preach the Gospel nor perform acts of charity when you’re dead.  You are largely useless to God when you’re dead, though I’m sure He’d like to have the fellowship and praise.  In  a martyrdom situation, you may be worth more to God dead than alive. But survivalist scenarios rarely involve persecution of Christians.

If God wanted you dead, believe me, you’d be dead. Ergo, God wants you alive.


2 Responses to “Dead to the world” ≠”Dead in the world”

  1. kishnevi says:

    I think you’re reading it wrong.
    A long time ago, I mentioned the Jewish concept of bitachon (remember years ago when I was telling why I thought Jews should not own guns, even if they were prepared to use them if need be?)
    Bitachon in English is 1) acceptance of God’s will and 2)trust that His will bring out the best result for oneself.

    In the present context, if God wants you to survive, He will provide the means at the proper time–and if He doesn’t want you to survive, then that’s good too. In the meantime, there is no reason to fret about it: focus on what needs to be done now. I think that’s the point being made here.

    Of course, the “proper means at the proper time” may very well include a heavy dose of logistical preparation and rational action

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    The ego exists to keep you incarnate. Religion exists to put the ego under the control of Someone who can see the bigger picture. Both are important.

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