The church and debt

Bill Sardi hammers the Church here for not having engaged their congregations on the debt problem, in spite of Biblical counsel.

He exaggerates a bit. The evangelical church is the core supporter of Dave Ramsay, who is all about debt elimination. Dave doesn’t talk much about the theology of it, because he’s sending a message to Christians and non-Christians alike. He’ll take care of the money part, and leaves the religion part to the pastors. But pastors don’t much like talking about sin. Oh, sexual sin they’ll talk about a little, because, well, it’s sexy. But when’s the last time you heard a sermon on my most persistent spiritual problem, gluttony — a sin enabled in fellowship halls around the country? So of course they won’t discuss living beyond your means, which is “merely a lifestyle choice”, not a sin. Some of those Prosperity Gospel guys actually encourage it, claiming that you’ll come up with the faith to have God bail you out. It seems to me that Jesus had something to say about that. And if you don’t get bailed out, then you are in fact STEALING from your creditors. Yes, maybe the usurious banksters deserve to be stolen from, but that doesn’t get you off the hook; after all, Judas was an absolutely necessary part of the Divine Plan, and look what happened to him.

The only church that I know of who is addressing our likely near-term future is the Mormons, who have always done it. We need a few more Josephs stocking up for the 7 lean years.


2 Responses to The church and debt

  1. kishnevi says:

    Don’t think of it as gluttony. Think of it as rejoicing always in the unsearchable riches of God as encountered in dietary form 🙂

  2. Jeffrey Quick says:

    In my case, it’s more “Rejoicing in how fun and easy it is to commit slow and subtle suicide.” No, I’m not in danger of becoming orthorectic, but I do have to watch my diet.

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