For the children

I’ve been mostly staying out of the Kevin Jennings/GLSEN thing, because the people talking about it have been preaching to the choir.  They’ve been talking about gayness, and sex with children, forgetting that these things do not matter to the left, and that they are exposing themselves as uptight, prudish, anti-sex Christians. I know; I was there once, I read my Wilhelm Reich, my Penthouse Forums, dreamed of sacred prostitution and the day there would be no sexual guilt. A frontal assault on that belief system simply rebounds on the attacker. Note that I’m not denying that Jennings is Bad News Indeed, but the reasons the dextrosphere is giving are not bad news to the people making the decisions now.

This could change. Consider this smoking gun, from a 2005 GLSEN handout:

“No Dookie On Your Noodle! Nobody knows better than queer men that shit happens. It’s just a fact of life…and buttsex. While there are steps to take to avoid a mess, they’re not always practical for the boy on the go. Condoms allow you a certain freedom that can be a great selling point if you’re cruising the park and don’t want stray spunk on your new polyester shirt…”

What we have here is rather casual acceptance of anonymous anal encounters in the park. And tidiness being a selling point for condoms, but if you don’t have one…well, shit happens.

Now, let’s forget morals and all that other crap. Let’s look at the connection with and apparent approval of the guy who is the Safe Schools Czar. In what world is it considered safe to rub the tenderest part of your body in some strangers’ germ and parasite-filled feces? For that matter, any sex (straight or gay) with strangers is dangerous; it leaves us in a vulnerable position with somebody who might be a nutter. We warn 6 and 7 year olds about getting too chummy with strangers, but by the time they’re 14, it’s OK to pack fudge with any old anyone in the park?? If the job of a Safe Schools Czar is to keep schools safe (gee, ya’d think), then Jennings could only be considered qualified for his job if it were generally more dangerous to attend a school with any degree at all of homophobia than to have anonymous sex in the park. And sorry, I do not see a world where that’s the case.

Does anybody remember Joycelyn Elders, Surgeon General under the last Democrat we had? She was thrown under the bus for suggesting that masturbation could take the place of riskier sexual behaviors, and “perhaps” it should be taught. Aside from the rather laughable notion that the activity needs to be taught, that’s a perfectly solid proposition. It was a bridge too far for the guy who used human humidors, for crying out loud. OK, that was public outcry, and she had some other positions about legalization of drugs (right) and contraceptives in high school (maybe, maybe not) that had gotten people worked up earlier.

But it’s instructive to compare the two cases and the public and government attitude around them. Elders was advocating for something which is statistically normal and perfectly safe. Jennings is advocating for something statistically abnormal and definitely unsafe (in fact, advocating for what Elders was trying to save teens from). Yet the MSM treatment of Jennings has been almost nonexistent, Obama is on his side, people don’t know and barely care when they do. We’ve come down that far in 15 years.


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