Revolution in Detroit

The Detroit schools have just racked up the worst math test scores in the nation, and parents aren’t having it. Sharlonda Buckman, CEO of the Detroit Parent Network, is talking about jailing teachers now. Talk is all it is, because gross incompetence is no crime. But if the teachers go out on strike over pay cuts, I wouldn’t be surprised to see violence — not the good old fashioned goon-vs-scab kind, but parents vs. teachers. And Buckman is willing to start a homeschool movement, which would get the job done if parents manage to withhold property taxes.


3 Responses to Revolution in Detroit

  1. jdfromthed says:

    I’ve read so many racist and ignorant comments following Mrs. Buckman’s comments. I was at the breakfast and Sharlonda did not say that teachers need to be jailed, she said somebody needs to pay, somebody needs to go to jail. Frankly I could not agree more! I have a 10 year old daughter and my husband and I have had her in private school for 6 years. In the fall we both lost our jobs and were then forced to move her to a “free” school, a public school. We live in the City of Detroit, so we moved her to Chrysler Elementary (near Downtown.) Chrysler is a great school. Chrysler is one of the high performing schools in the district, but it is a shame that there are not more “high performimg” schools to choose from. Don’t get me wrong I am thankful that we found a great place to send our daughter, but we are angry that we have to drive 25 minutes to take her to school, instead of being able to take her to our neighborhood school. All of the people who have stolen from the children of Detroit, all of the lazy, greedy, and incompetent who have been in charge should be jailed! All those who don’t take there jobs as educator seriously should be jailed! Don’t get me wrong there are some talented and hard working teachers, principal and other administrators in Detroit, but I know that there are some who don’t care too. I attended Detroit Public School and graduated Redford High in 1981, and I had my fair share of lazy, do nothing just there to collect a check teachers, back then, I’m sure that there are still some of those types of teachers at DPS, although I’m sure most of the teachers are dedicated, hardworking and honest. The system has been broken for so long in Detroit, that I believe that the parents of Detroi and others who care about Detrot’s children SHOULD BE MARCHING IN THE STREETS!! I am tired of reading these blogs where clueless idiots insist that all of the kids in Detroit are living in poverty and come from homes where the parents are drunks or don’t care. Both my husband and I are very involved in our daughter’s school, one of us goes on every field trip, we sit with her at the dining room table to help with homework go to parent teacher conferences and “newsflash” we are not the only ones. Before people rattle off all of this stupidity they need to get there facts straight! Yes there are plenty of problems in Detroit, and the Detroit Public Schools are a mess, but tell me how racist comments are going to fix it? If Detroit does not survive the suburbs will suffer as well. (As we are seeing with this recession, everything has been affected by the loss of income from layoffs and job losses from the big three.) When will people see that? Detroit is not the only school district that has issues, there are other districts where there is teen pregnancy, drug problems, poor test scores, and less than a 100% graduation rate. The big difference between other districts and Detroit is that Detroit is the largest school district in the state, snd Detrot’s problems have been ongoing and publicized far more than any other district’s have. I know that the district has problems, there is no denying that, but I don’t appreciate anyone acting like these children can’t learn, are valuable, are not worth helping or loving and I really don’t appreciate anyone saying that parents in Detroit don’t care, it just isn’t true! Sharlonda Buckman is a Detroit parent, we care!

  2. jdfromthed says:

    I know I have a few typos, in my post I’m not a great typist, but I do spell well. So forgive my typos.

  3. jeffreyquick says:

    Hey, we all fumble-finger, esp. when we’re passionate. Thanks for your input. I’m kind of an economic refugee from MI. I didn’t grow up in Detroit, but that was “the city” for us, and one of my best cottaging friends went to Cass Tech. I’m just old enough to have memories of the city pre-Coleman Young, and how amazing it was for a country boy.

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