My wife is pissed

No, I didn’t do anything. But I’ve never seen her so ready for revolution as last night.

My wife has had situations with two different banks which would not give cash back because of an expired drivers license. First, about a month ago, she didn’t hassle because she was grateful to learn that her license was expired, plus she just went around the corner and used the ATM. But yesterday she took her poor neighbor to cash her Social Security check. Neighbor hasn’t driven in 4 years (too poor to keep a car on the road) and her license has been expired for over 6 months. She does not have an ATM card. When they were refused at the drive-through, they went inside, and Rusty encouraged Neighbor (who was sick) to be as sick as possible, and complain as loudly as possible until she got her money. Which she did, finally, via a signature check. They were told that because of a new law in force. the ID had to be currently valid. Note that she had kinds of other supplemental ID with her, and that she was not driving a car (which is what a drivers license is about, yes?), and its validity was only marginally relevant to its usefulness as ID (Old folks don’t change that much visually). Note that she was not opening a new account (under the C.I.P. provisions of the so-called “PATRIOT Act”, currently valid ID has been necessary for that for years).

They then went to get a state ID card. Neighbor has a hospital birth certificate, but not a notarized county birth certificate; she had once tried to get one, was told she had to pay a lot of extra money for a search, and gave up (since she gets $600/mo, half of which her daughter wheedles from her). Plus she had her old license, utility bills, her Medicare card, etc. …not good enough.  Rusty, to her credit, pointed out to the nice lady that what she was doing was by her own choice, and that there was no way she could escape moral culpability for jacking around a poor sick old lady.  However, she has only so much reasonable in her, and left with a hearty “Merry fucking Christmas!”

Then neighbor remembered that she had a distant ex-inlaw in another office who thought well of her. They drove there, presented all the documentation they had, the office manager did an override, and she had her ID.

Rusty could not go to sleep because of her outrage. “How dare they hold onto MY money? Are they police or are they bankers? How come I have to present a notarized birth certificate to drive a car, but Obama doesn’t have to do so to have his finger on the nuke button? Why must the ID be renewed every 4 years? What kind of tax is that? And why is it PINK?! That’s the color of submission; they’re rubbing our faces in it. I cuss like an asshole, I smoke like a chimney, I drink like a fish, I drive a pickup truck, I am a Vietnam-era vet, I kill my own meat, but I have a pink state ID?!” She said that property was about the only leverage the State had on people anymore, and told the story of her and her daughter visiting a prison, and her daughter said, “Let’s go rob a convenience store! If we get away with it, we get to keep the money; if not, we get to live here.”

On one hand I was proud of how far my “recovering Democrat” has come since she’s known me. On the other, my heart ached that she hurt so bad. Yet I was trying to ground the situation; somebody in the family had to stay sane and calm. I woke up early, and tried to find the law online, to no avail. I suspect it may be a law, rather than a bankster lie, because it was two banks (specifically, Huntington and the 717 Credit Union). I even posted a question on Yahoo Answers, and have thus far only gotten people answering the question they wanted to answer instead of the once I asked.

Are the banks running the country, or is the country running the banks? People are either criminals or cops, at random, day by day. Why are these banks seizing peoples’ money under cover of law? Why should a person bank at all, if they can’t access their money? To participate in the formal economy is to put oneself at these peoples’ mercy. How long before we forget “State ID with notarized birth certificate” and go to Digital Angel in the forehead?


One Response to My wife is pissed

  1. kishnevi says:

    It’s even more screwy here. As far as I know, Florida only asks for current forms of ID, possibly accepts the expired ID, and proof of address in that situation. Birth certificate is only for people without previous licenses. But I think there is a federal law that requires states to make sure the applicant is a citizen or legal resident, which may be the reason for the birth certificate.

    As for the banks–down here it is a general rule not to accept expired ID both for banks and stores, but I don’t know of an actual law to that effect. Plus I think it’s pretty easy to forge all that kind of ID. Remember that guy in Michigan that was going around opening up credit cards with my name? I never heard more details, but quite obviously he was using a forged license with my name, date of birth and address on it–and the only store he didn’t get away with it was Sears. Best Buy, Circuit City, ToysRUs, and the local mall all opened up accounts for him; JCPenney let him charge something to my account; UHaul let him rent a truck under my name; and Loews and a couple of other places turned him down because he had made too many other applications for credits in the last two days (which means they must have accepted the ID he offered.
    But doing this to little old ladies is another story. Just like the TSA did to my aunt (who, while she is on the hefty, is old and a lady)–she flew down this morning to attend a bar mitzvah (on the other side of the family) and had to go through a complete body scan at the airport.

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