Christmas at St. James and the Covenant

Here’s a jolly lot of St. Jamesters after Sian and Justin’s Baroque recital at Case’s Harkness Chapel:  Graham Schultz, me, Linda Allen, Justin Bland, Sian Ricketts, Kim Andrews.

I have been asked by Graham to “invite the heretics” to Christmas Eve service. I am also inviting the heathen and the witches. Relax, neither Bloody Mary nor Matthew Hopkins are members of our congregation, there will be no impromptu bonfires after the service, and as long as Mark Pokrandt keeps his clothes on, there will be no torture. You too can experience “the beauty of holiness” with some nice seasonal jams,  find out who we are and what we do (no, we don’t quite go that all-out on a typical Sunday, but the quality of music is generally pretty high.) Music begins at 10; service at 10:30 (Back in the old days, service didn’t begin until midnight, and the pre-music had to be Advent music. They’re selling out, they are.) It’s at E. 55 and Whittier, across from where Payne dumps into E. 55.

The menu:

Ordinary: Haydn: Missa Brevis Sancti Joannis de Deo, with strings

Propers: Gregorian (in English) ; psalm-tone Gradual

Preludy stuff: Howells: A Spotless Rose

Linda Allen: A Virgin Most Pure (2002) (choir, organ, handbells, recorder; 2nd perf. at St. James)

The usual hymns and carols; I think that Justin will be doing some Torelli on trumpet with strings.

Now, if you’re a “heretic” whose taste runs to things like predestination, sola Scriptura and a truncated list of sacraments, you can come to Church of the Covenant (Presbyterian) at 7 to hear Justin and I, along with Alexander Bonus and David Betts, playing cornetts and sackbuts. Program there: Gabrieli Canzona Septimi Toni, Jean Mouton: Noe Noe Psallite, Isaac Posch: Hodie Christus Natus Est (1623) ,Giovanni Paolo Cima Sonata a 3 (1610), Claudio Merulo: La Cortese, Floriano Canali La Durante. That’s just the brass stuff; I don’t know what goodies Jonathan Moyer has planned for choir and organ.


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