Florida Representative Alan Grayson makes my former Rep. James Traficant look like a dignified statesman. (BTW, Jim is looking to make a comeback after completing his stay in government housing. I wish him well in getting nominated, as it’s about the only way that the Mahoning Valley will ever elect a Republican.). Grayson wrote a letter demanding that Eric Holder prosecute Angie Langley of MyCongressmanIsNuts.com for various alleged crimes good for 5 years in jail (also known as “expressing her views as a citizen”).

Personally, I think he should move to a new jurisdiction.


2 Responses to HerCongressmanISNuts.com

  1. James Quick says:

    Jim Trafficant was never my congressman, but your Mother and I admired him. As for his five years, he was guilty of lesser crimes then 95% of his fellow Congress persons. His trial was a political railroading because of his efforts to bring his peers back to reality. But you sre probably right, once destroyed any reputation is gone for ever. Sad.


  2. jeffreyquick says:

    It was minor retail corruption, not wholesale corruption like Sen. Nelson. But recent comments by Traficant about the stimulus package (that he would have gotten more for his district) show that he really doesn’t get it.

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