Mind your own business!

There is whining and gnashing of teeth because a group of Unitarian-Universalists from Oregon who went to Cuba were denied entry “because they were there for religious reasons”, notwithstanding that they’d been there 3 times before without incident. The U-Us blame it on the guy who was there earlier giving out cell phones. They should be celebrating because somebody actually detected religious content in their “religion”. I suspect they actually got loaded up with CUUPs members who wanted to get down with the Santeros. And their “hamanitarian mission” was laughable: “projects such as an AIDS clinic and teaching women how to make baby clothes.”  They obviously didn’t get the memo that Castro has it covered, because Cuba has the best medical system in the world, right? And I suspect that the typical Cuban mom could sew rings around any U-U; necessity is the mother of invention.

Meanwhile, a group of foreign political agitators in Egypt is offended because the Egyptian government is treating them like foreign political agitators. Obama funder Jodie Evans and her Code Pink has assembled 1400 activists troublemakers from 43 nations to bring humanitarian aid and propaganda opportunities to Hamas. It’s quite the star-studded cast; media attention has focused on friends-of-Barack Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn, but it also includes Miriam Simos, better known as Starhawk, who wrote one decent early book on Wicca (somewhat spoiled in revision) followed by several books on the theme “Jail really sucks, and since I’m a political activist, I go there a lot, waah poor me!” Why she is giving aid to people who have a religious obligation to kill her is beyond me. I haven’t heard of her trying to give humanitarian aid to oppressed Christians (who, to be fair, can be misconstrued to have a similar obligation). Perhaps she thinks that Hamas is not really Islamic (in spite of “Islamic” being part of its full name) because after all, Islam is the “religion of peace” and Hamas is anything but.

I’d be a bit more sympathetic to their call for open borders if they were consistent about it, and they were anarchists. But the only time Code Pink has ever maligned state power is when the other side is wielding it.

“We hope the Egyptians get so annoyed they just want to get rid of us.”Jodie Evans, Cairo, December 29, 2009

There are ways to “get rid of you” that don’t involve you going to Gaza…or any other country, ever again. As your buddy Miriam might remind you, “Be careful of what you ask for; you might get it.”


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