Kiss the revo goodbye

David Kramer declares the Tea Party movement dead because Sarah Palin will headline the convention, and she’s a “warmongering Establishment neo-con”. OK, she is. So are most Tea Partiers. A “strong national defense” is very popular with most people: rightly so, but they never distinguish between “national defense” and ” defense of our nation’s bankers’ interests abroad.” Indeed, the reason that otherwise sane people usually give for not supporting the LP is “weak on defense” (“they’re all druggies” being the other).

The GOP has been trying to co-opt the Tea Party from the beginning. If they do, we’re screwed. If they don’t, we are also screwed, since a viable 3rd party will put the Bamsters back in (just as we had Ross Perot to thank for the Arkansas Mafia). The solution is to infiltrate both parties and turn them toward freedom, which is easier said than done. And the one reform that the TPs need to demand, and are not, is to reform the electoral system to put all parties on the same legal footing. This includes not only ballot access reform, but debate reform, by defining sponsored political debates that do not invite all candidates as campaign ¬†contributions to the included candidates. Granted, it’s a hard sell; the Duopoly is not about to commit suicide. But it’s all a hard sell, so why not go for the thing which strikes at the root?


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