RIP Clay Bond

He passed on Jan. 7, of cancer, as I discussed earlier. And he was my age!

Viewing the Facebook memorial was interesting. One never knows somebody on the Internet. I had suspected (but hadn’t known; it wasn’t something he paraded in front of strangers) that he was gay, for instance. And apparently, from the pictures, he was quite flamboyant in his youth. I have to wonder what path led him to his curmudgeonly middle age; certainly many of his friends discussed his “opinions” as if indulging a child.

He wasn’t much for having photographs on his blogs. Physically, he resembled in build Billy Beck — somewhat ironic, since I don’t remember Billy having much patience with him on I-S.

He’s not in pain, and he’s with Jesus. Good on ya, mate. You’ll miss “the chickens coming home” … which would have killed you anyway.


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