Gerald Amirault, thou art avenged!

So this is the obligatory Morning After Happy Dance. No, I’m not a big Scott Brown fan. As a yeller-dog Libertarian, I should have voted to keep a Kennedy in that seat, were I in Massachusetts (perish the thought!) . But this time out, I would have been sorely tempted to give the Obamacrats the black eye they received.

It’s a nice start, a useful holding action against Bammy’s SDS Wayback Machine. But it was 5% — healthy but not a blowout. The socialist meme is everywhere we look, including Scott Brown’s head. It wasn’t so much that he made friends as that Coakley made enemies. That seat will be at risk. Brown can lead by consistently taking pro-freedom positions, or he can follow and be Martha Coakley Lite. History tells us he’s more likely to do the latter, but the former is what will get him re-elected, even in Taxachusetts.

I believe that there is a limit to how many Browns you can have in the Senate, so now we Ohioans must remove ours. I think it would help Connie Schultz’ compassion for the poor and downtrodden to be her family’s sole breadwinner for awhile (as if…Sherrod will become a lobbyist the minute he walks out the Senate door.) Of course, that wouldn’t make her poor and downtrodden, but she might actually meet a few.


One Response to Gerald Amirault, thou art avenged!

  1. Jim Quick says:

    The Mass. voters remembered the lesson their ancestors learnewd over the past 2 centuries. If you have a Mule or Jack Ass who refuses to cooperate with you, you flail him on the rump with a 2 x 4 to get his atention If he fails to take heed you withould his sustenance and if he is still uncooperative you get rid of him and buy a horse, or an (Elephant). We must get rid of the Jack Asses in Washington of both Parties and take our Country back.


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