LabRat nails the “pickup” nonsense

My sister is a fan of Keith Dobermann. I don’t hold it against her (much) that she’s a liberal, but that she listens to stupid liberals seriously. Hey, I listen to that emo punk Glenn Beck, but he’s not my guru.

Anyway, the Atomic Nerds have some fun with Olbermann and Fineman discussing the Scott Brown “pickup truck” meme:

I have to give Fineman a small shred of credit- but not a whole hell of a lot, since he said “that’s a good question” rather than “are you serious”- in that somewhere in his bizarre pickup truck ramblings he manages to more or less land on the truth, which is that the pickup isn’t a racial message but a class message to a pretty big demographic that doesn’t trust the urban elite ruling class that Washington is largely composed of.

What he fails to mention, of course, is that this demographic has an excellent reason not to trust that class and that he’s sitting next to a really good example of why. Rural and suburban proles don’t have pickup trucks to tote around their crosses, lighter fluid, and lynching victims, they have them to tote around the tools and materials with which manual labor is done, and the fact that Olbermann apparently can’t even wrap his head around that enough to connect it to work and to class rather than attach it as a nebulous symbol of a racist “underclass” is a picture-perfect illustration of why they don’t trust him and the governing class he represents.

What’s especially sad about this is that non-white people own pickups too, lots of them. If you live out in the sticks or have a job that involves manual labor or are just in an economic bracket where doing your own dirty work makes sense (and that includes educated pasty us), then having a pickup truck is really handy. They’re ubiquitous on the Indian reservations and among the Hispanic working class out here, and might even have become a racial symbol in that sense if so many white people didn’t own them for the same reasons. I don’t live in a state with a large black population, but I suspect the same is true among black people in not-completely-urban areas in Southern states.


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