Is Ellie Light astroturf?

Well, she denies it…then she denies she denied.
Kudos to the Pee Dealer for actually doing some real journalism for once, instead of just printing the AP wire.

I liked this comment over at Ace:

14 Yeah, its 2010. You don’t need a memo from Axelrod. People know the tune, so they dance. No need to have everyone actually listening at the same place to the same song.

It’s like the whole gov’t/media “No links to AQ” whenever there is an attack or attempt. OBL doesn’t send out a frag order to Abdul and Isamil. They know the game plan and they do their best to carry it out. Of course, their best tends to suck. You know, I always thought that if those planes had taken off from Texas instead of the whiny weak North, 9/11 would have turned out a little differently.

BTW, I am not in any way trying to compare the Axelrod/Plouffe network to AQ. One are enemies of freedom, determined to bring down this country, and the other are a bunch of cave dwelling maniacs.

UPDATE: No, apparently “she” is Winston (as in Smith) Steward, a girlyman afraid of signing his own name because the Radical Right might come after him, like these guys did.


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