Healthcare reform, Republican style

Make decongestants prescription-only, to beat the meth labs.

See, the Dems aren’t the only ones who can insanely run up costs.


2 Responses to Healthcare reform, Republican style

  1. Jim Quick says:

    Not so weird an idea. The Government already requires a Doctor to fax a new prescription after so many months and also only allows Pharmacies to to sell a limitted days supply of most prescription meds.
    Reason being people could forge prescriptions and buy unusually large doses of strong prescription pain killers. Some people have no self discipline and need to be protected from themselves.


  2. Jeffrey Quick says:

    No, people with no self-discipline need to DIE so that others can see what happens when you have no self-discipline, and find some.

    If the government is “protecting us from ourselves”, including our own stinginess, what’s the difference between that and Obammunism? Thank you for illustrating that the GOP is part of the problem.

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