What are you holding against Anne Frank’s cooch?

Like Balko said, an unexpected blog title: “You Know Who Else Disapproved of Anne Frank’s Vagina? HITLER.

I grew up on the expurgated diary, and haven’t read the “straight no chaser” version. Diaries in general aren’t meant for publication, and they can be an embarrassing read. Consider Alma Schindler’s diary, where we can read about erectile dysfunction of the great composers. That said, the offending lines as quoted are pretty innocuous, especially in today’s hypersexualized media world. And while I can sympathize with parental desires to protect children from that, these are probably people with a hellevision in the home, with unmonitored use. Context is everything; why pick on real and contexualized mentions of sexuality in the diary of somebody “keeping it real” in a horribly unreal world when you could be picking on the casual mindless button-pushing present in almost every prime-time sitcom?


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