Cortez Oliver (Richard Lowther murder) trial, Day 2

I wish to announce that The Quick and the Dead has a new paid court reporter. Granted, she gets paid in loving, Indian cooking and the occasional bunch of flowers, so I can’t afford a j-school grad. But this gives me a chance to scoop the Ravenna Record-Courier and show that this blog too can be a (semi)-legitimate news source, as opposed to a reprinter of other news.

For those not from around here who just come for political snark, Richard Lowther was a nice old man whose head was twisted off during a home invasion/robbery of his coin collection. This is the first trial of the series. Yesterday’s news can be found here. I had a reporter there too, but I don’t feel like typing from memory what she told me.


Jodi [Fetty] sang,

She didn’t know Cortez, Johnny or Mr. Lowther before that night.  She had been in a sexual relationship with Darrell for about 5-6 months.  He gave her X, pot and crack.  She never bought from him, but he was a major drug dealer.  Cortez was looking for a driver because he didn’t want to use his vehicle.  It was red and had blue lettering on it, ‘THE WELL DOCTOR’.  She did not know Mr. Lowther, had never been in his home.  Nobody did (in the group) but Cortez maybe.  It sounded to me like he did a job on his well and asked to use the john, and cased the place out.

Only she and Darrell were arrested that night at Giant Eagle.  They had stopped at Darrell’s grandmother’s home for a few minutes, then his aunt’s, then took Johnny home, after the visit with Mr. Lowther.  Darrell was driving, Cortez talked Jodi into taking the coins into the store.  The two men got worried because it was taking her so long in there.  Darrell gave Cortez his bag of dope and told him to run.  Jodi had to come back to vehicle for her ID, to cash in the recipe from the coin machine…. which charged her $16.00 for the transaction, btw.  She bought the mouthwash, and Darrell and her the cigarettes.   They were not arrested right away.  They almost got away!  They pulled into a parking spot down the road and the Ravenna cop, who was called there by the off duty B… cop, was following them and blocked them in before turning on his overheads.  The defense lawyer asked to rebut her testimony, with others’ statements.  He had to have the others’ statements submitted from disk into transcripts.  Therefore the delay till Monday 1:00.


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