Cortez update postponed, and other stuff

I was going to bring you a new update from my Secret Blog Reporter at the Cortez Oliver trial, but we ran into technical difficulties….Secret Blog Reporter isn’t paid enough to buy MS Word, she doesn’t want to write anything major on Yahoo Webmail where she might lose it, so it’s in Works or something and I can’t get it to open. She’s been asked to paste it and re-submit, but she’s at the trial now, so it won’t happen until this evening, unless I find away around it (I can get text out of it, but not in the proper order). Short form: da little boidies is singing.  The real newspaper report is here.

Meanwhile, my Prescott F alto recorder came yesterday. I only had time this AM to open and inspect and play 6 notes…it apparently didn’t freeze to death in transit. Two more to go, and I’ll be done buying recorders for now, maybe forever.

And last night at the Mac we had the super-secret recording of my new mass, finished 1/17. I can’t tell you a lot about it as it’s for a contest and it has to be anonymous. But I was quite pleased with both effort and result.


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