Cortez Oliver: today’s the day

And you, gentle readers, are going to be left in the dark. Secret Blog Reporter sent her report yesterday, and again this morning, and neither has gotten to me. She sent them to my other mail address, which is set to auto-dump into Case. They aren’t there either. She did read it to me last night. The defense witnesses were Well Doctor and his assistant Junior. I think they were there in a desperate attempt to spread blame/raise reasonable doubt. In that, they failed. There’s no doubt that the current perps did both the robbery and the murder. But I will retract my defense of Well Doctor. Though he denies it, it seems obvious to me that he gave Cortez a deliberate tip. I also suspect that of the two charged with murder, it was Cortez who actually did it. We can’t rule out that Jonny did the neck-twisting, but he has a comparatively clean record, and thus far is seems more in keeping with Cortez’ personality (which, I admit, is no kind of legal argument). SBR sat next to Jonathan’s mom (who was acutely embarrassed to admit who she was) and liked her. And it’s telling that Cortez didn’t take the stand in his own defense.

She’s at the courthouse now. She’s betting on less than 2 hours deliberation.

And, lame as it is, that’s more news than you’ll get without paying the Record-Courier. So quit complaining.

UPDATE: Jury went into deliberation at 12:10.


2 Responses to Cortez Oliver: today’s the day

  1. kishnevi says:

    and thus far is seems more in keeping with Cortez’ personality (which, I admit, is no kind of legal argument).

    In some ways, it might be. The prosecution is allowed to bring in previous convictions and give evidence of previous similar behavior to show that the defendant has a tendency to do the sort of thing with which he’s charged.

    For instance, if A killing someone in a fit of rage, they can bring in previous convictions for assault and battery and similar crimes, and/or witnesses to give evidence that A has given way to violent outbursts in the past even if they did not result in A being charged with a crime.

    Though, I take it from SBR’s reports that the prosecution didn’t do so in this case.

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    They may have in the beginning, before she started to do regular reports. They’ve been pretty up-front about his drug dealing. I’d has to ask about his priors, but I don’t recall any of them involving violence. But he was definitely painted (painted himself in the interrogation) as somebody who basically doesn’t give a shit about others.

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