Thank you very effing much, Glenn Beck…and Ace

Beck gave Debra Medina an engraved invitation to shoot herself in the foot before a national audience, which she did. Now, she doesn’t think of herself as a 9/11 Truther, and I don’t think of her that way. But it was politically inept to say that “questions have been raised”. Hell, there are always questions, somewhere, but there’s no credible evidence to suggest that the government had a hand in this one. I’m not going to stick up for Medina going there, but I have to question the wisdom or utility of Beck playing “gotcha”.

On the other hand, what I saw at Ace’s frankly disgusted me. If we’re not going to be tolerant of variations from orthodoxy in our candidates, we are going to get orthodox candidates, and there’s no change in that. There’s an attempt to read the Paulians and the libertarians out of the TEA movement, and make it another GOP joke, whereas any truly useful movement for change must destroy or transform the GOP. Sure, we’ll get the progressives first, because that’s the crisis right now. But the Republican party is merely the only available tool to do that, not a repository of any useful ideology.

“Crank libertarians, I mean. The kind that just want to argue about the gold standard…” (an immediately useful concept in this age of fiat money)
“If [Beck would] only lighten up on his obsession with Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt…” (my teacher said they were great guys)
“There is an element of psycho that wants to legalize drugs, get out of Iraq, and eliminate all taxation.” (What’s psycho about that?)
“Seems [Paulians] are very hateful.” (Same guy as the above…like “psycho” is not hateful?)

Right now AoSHq sounds like an echo chamber. And I ain’t got time for that.

UPDATE:  Beck’s conspiracy theory inconsistencies are exposed here. Is he a Truther too?

“But to people who are politically “in the know,” the label libertarian has now lost most of its meaning. It’s become diluted by being applied to all kinds of opportunists and political thinkers who are, at most, sort of right-wingish compromisers. That’s not me. So I’ve moved on to other terms.” — Claire Wolfe


2 Responses to Thank you very effing much, Glenn Beck…and Ace

  1. jacksontom says:

    This is a good post that strikes the right balance between pointing out Medina’s mistake and also pointing out that it’s unfair to use one comment to label her a lunatic.

    What this episode points out is that libertarians, by and large, are not professional politicians, so they make rookie mistakes. (The people who do this for a living know better than to answer questions that will hurt them.) How to make libertarians more “professional,” i.e. teach them to do a better job of delivering the message, without pressuring them in any way to CHANGE the message, remains a vexing question.

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    To some extent “the medium is the message”. I think that many of us are tired of infallible slicksters who never do anything wrong (except everything). Unfortunately, “many of us” is not “the majority”, and if you want to get elected, you’ve got to stay away from obvious lunacy.

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