Amishman tells dairy inspectors to go away

Wow, this is a day!!

According to a report from the National Independent Consumers and Farmers Association, the agents were Joshua Schafer and Deborah Haney from the federal government agency’s Delaware office.

The agents “drove past Allgyer’s ‘No Trespassing’ signs and up his driveway almost to his barn, where Allgyer happened to be outside,” the report said. “Allgyer approached the car, the agents got out and Allgyer asked them why they were there. They produced a piece of paper, asked Allgyer if he was Dan Allgyer, which Allgyer confirmed, asked him his middle initial and phone number, entered the information on the paper, told Allgyer they were there to do an inspection.”

The report from NICFA, which was based on information provided by Allgyer, said the agents then “started reading the paper to him, saying it gave them jurisdiction to be there.”

“You produce food for human consumption,” an agent stated, according to the report. “You have cows. You cannot be consuming all the milk you produce. If you get a milk truck in to move all this milk you sell milk to the public, therefore we have jurisdiction.”

After Allgyer said, “This is a private farm, I do not sell anything to the public,” the agents accused him of refusing an inspection.

As the confrontation between FDA agents and Allgyer advanced, the NICFA report said, the agents refused to talk with the farmer’s lawyer and then told him he was refusing an inspection even if he did not say so.

The agents eventually left the farm, parked on a neighbor’s property and began watching Allgyer.

When a visitor who had been on the farm left shortly thereafter, the FDA agents followed him to the point he became concerned and called 911, reporting the tailing episode.

Part of me is proud to be an American. The other part is shitting my pants.
UPDATE: fuller story here.

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