Joseph Andrew Stack 1956-2010

Tactically, I think this was unwise. I don’t think I can call it immoral, though; he carefully targeted combatants. He gives his reasons here. He comes across as idealistic, a bit naive, the sort of model citizen who actually trusted his government, and got his heart broken by it. Somehow, all I can think of is Russell Casse, the crop duster dude in Independence Day. But alas, he didn’t blow up the ship, and the aliens will be pissed.

Of course,at Ace they’re doing the “tut tut, this will harm the Republican brand” lamentation, though Stack doesn’t come off as a Republican in his writing. Yes, I know, to the MSM any attacker who is not Moslem is a terrorist, and this can and will be used against the freedom movement. But maybe it’s time to separate sheep from goats, especially from the Judas goats. Say what you will about Joe Stack, he had more balls and more commitment than any of the pseudonyms posting at AoSHq.

UPDATE: NazionalVolksWelle says that the Fibbies closed down Stack’s website…which is remarkably stupid, given that it’s all over the freaking Net by now, and merely makes them look bad (and saves Stack’s ISP from being swamped). They managed to quote the emotive language and none of the argument, such as it was, all to preserve the narrative: “lone nut, not a terrorist”

I differ. This is not the writing of a wackjob. This is the writing of somebody who is incapable of integrating concepts as principles, which is not the same thing. If that’s wack, then so is the Chattering Class and the majority of the American people. He comes off, mostly for the worse, as an Average Joe who has been done wrong…why may be why the FBI wanted that post off, and why both political wings will try to make the mud stick.

Beck points to Shannon Love’s writings on this, in comments and on her blog. It’s given me much food for thought.  Certainly narcissism fits the bill better than heroism, especially considering the shameful way he treated his family. This was no Battle of Sipsey Street, for sure.

OK, he was a narcissist…so let’s make this All About Me. John Brown was an asshole, too, and I’m sure our forefathers in 1859 had the same prickle at the back of their hair, the same feeling of “shit’s gonna come down.” This is a warmup act for far worse to come, and I’ve been in a state of subclinical freakout all afternoon. The problem with taking everything is that those with nothing to lose are inherently dangerous, and that’s the case even when they lose all through their own self-absorbtion. It’s weird…wanting all hell to break loose just to end the uncertainty, and at the same time knowing that hell is, indeed, Hell. It was a great country and a good life, but it’s not for much longer. What good and what peace can we cling to, when evil is institutionalized by our fellow citizens?

UPDATE: Evidently this act resonated with quite a few citizens. Instead of the press wringing their hands about how many nutjobs there are out there, maybe they should ask why the IRS has made themselves so odious that an attack on their low-level paper-pushers is seen as heroic. “If you don’t want civil disturbances, quit disturbing us!” (Mama Liberty)

UPDATE 2/23: Evidently Joe had a point about the tax code.


3 Responses to Joseph Andrew Stack 1956-2010

  1. John Venlet says:

    This is a warmup act for far worse to come, and I’ve been in a state of subclinical freakout all afternoon.

    Jeff, as I consider what is going on in America right now, I understand your thinking that this is a “warmup act.” I am uncertain as to what the actual impetous will be for the main act, but I also think it may very well be close to finishing rehearsals.

    I encourage you, though, not to succomb to any subclincal freakout.

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    Yep, verily. I told my wife that, if I were going to do anything “rash”, I’d be discussing and clearing it with her beforehand…because there’s an “us” involved. And I would really like to spend the rest of my days making music, gardening, and trying to whup some sense into the grandkids, rather that rotting figuratively or literally in a small space. So “rash” ain’t in it. But all the timelines I can project lead to various levels of “suck”, and I have no idea what I might someday be called to do. I can only pray for the wisdom to know it’s mine to do, whatever it is, and that it’s necessary, and that it be without sin. Pater, si fieri potest, transeat a me calix iste.

  3. John Venlet says:

    Pater, si fieri potest, transeat a me calix iste.

    May it pass from us all. Amen.

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