So sue me, CAIR

A 21-year-old New Jersey man accused of kidnapping his 3-month-old daughter and throwing her off a bridge is described by his father as a devout Muslim who prayed regularly and is said to have immediately visited mosques and confessed to an imam following his crime….

The baby’s mother, Venetta Benjamin, has full custody of the baby and is not married to Abdur-Raheem. He had reportedly threatened to harm Benjamin in the week prior to the abduction because she didn’t want to marry him. Benjamin was filing a restraining order against him at the time he abducted his daughter.

1. Do not have sex out of wedlock
2. Do not have sex with Muslims… unless you’re a Muslim, and even then…
3. A 1st-trimester abortion is better than a 5th-trimester one
4. What’s the matter, couldn’t he find an incinerator?
5. I think he just flunked law school.
6. If you’re getting a restraining order on somebody, make sure the person you leave his daughter with has a gun and knows how to use it.

What’s the Shariah punishment for throwing your kid off a bridge? “Eye for an eye” sounds about right here. As for his confession, that’s between him and Allah Moloch.

Or maybe he could just eat the “halal special” at Fort Jackson.


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