Great writing, crappy software

There’s a really fine post up at Atomic Nerds on libertarians vs. the religious right and their struggle for the soul of the conservative movement. Unfortunately, there’s a really retarded spam filter in the comments section…so I’m posting my comment here:

Yes, libertarians have to take over the conservative movement. But to do it, we’ll need two things:

1. Advocate for a strong national defense that does not involve a large standing army and being the world’s policeman. A large military is incompatible with a small government, but “Weak on defense” is the mantra that causes movement conservatives to run screaming from Ron Paul. Defense is, after all, why we have a state. American can be like Switzerland.

2. Respect religion. There are a number of constituencies in the libertarian movement (Objectivists, Wiccans, gays, militant atheists, etc.) who hate Christianity and are vocal about it. They need to STFU. The Religious Right isn’t going to go away. Part of it could go to the Democrats, which would be very bad indeed: fewer votes for us, and moderated and hence more electable Democrats. The anti-side can spend some time learning about the Church’s historic role in American freedom. Pro-religion folks can catechize their brethren on why and how preventing sin at the point of a gun is contrary to God’s word and ineffective.


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