Let’s take another “for the children”

Pediatricians in the United States are calling for hot dogs to be redesigned to reduce the risk of children choking on them. In a new policy statement published yesterday, the American Academy of Pediatrics says hot dogs are the food most commonly linked with choking deaths among children

The Pediatrics article says round candy, grapes, marshmallows, meat sticks, sausages, chewing gum and peanut butter are also high-risk foods that can act as plugs in the throats of young children.

“Food manufacturers should design new foods and redesign existing foods, including meat products, to avoid shapes, sizes, textures and other characteristics that increase choking risk to children, to the extent possible,” the group recommends.

Or…we could have family sit-down meals where the little savages are taught not to eat so damn fast.


2 Responses to Let’s take another “for the children”

  1. Roz Watkins says:

    Sounds like Darwinian natural selection in action to me. Leave them to it, I say.

  2. Jeffrey Quick says:

    Perhaps only traditionally-shaped hot dogs would be covered under government food programs.

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