Jonny Dukes down, 2 to go…. and the price of justice

Jonathan Dukes was indeed found guilty of all counts…no surprise there. I have to wonder whether it was in spite of or because of the defense’s sole argument, which I griped about earlier. Whitaker called exactly one witness: Dr. Jonathan Arden, a Steven Hayne clone from West Virginia, who had the gall to claim (without having examined the body) that the cause of Lowther’s death was “removal from ventilator”…a cause which he had never listed in his past 2300 autopsies.

E-portage, which has done a wonderful job on this trial, notes:

Verified by Dr. Arden, he expects to be paid $400 an hour for his time evaluating documents and $4000 per day for testimony.

OK, I don’t know what his billable hours were (10 maybe?) so let’s ignore that. Give him a couple hundred to drive up from the hills. That leaves, oh $3800 for this gig, which took him maybe a day in total. That’s a nice chunk of change. I’m sure there are forensic pathologists in Cleveland or Akron who would do the job… though maybe they have professional standards in the big city. So I have to wonder how Whitaker found this guy…and whether any of that $3800 finds its way into Whitaker’s pocket. Not that I have any reason to believe that, mind  you, but it would be so convenient. It’s a lot of dough anyway for such nonsense. In fairness, Whitaker had to do something to earn his pay, and it’s not like he had a case to work with. At least, unlike Oliver’s lawyer, he only made a forensic pathologist look stupid, as opposed to destroying some working stiff’s livelihood.


One Response to Jonny Dukes down, 2 to go…. and the price of justice

  1. SCR says:

    Darrell Dukes is expected to plead quilty Monday. Jodi is scheduled to be sentenced at the same time, in the other court room. Hope e-portage is able to cover two places at the same time. They’ve been doing a great job so far.

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