Privatized death penalty in Ohio

The State of Ohio was due to kill Lawrence Reynolds tomorrow morning. Last night they found him in his cell, unconscious from a drug overdose. Regrettably, he apparently didn’t have enough of whatever he had to do the job (and how did he get it?), or not enough time for it to work. So the state has to cure him so that they can kill him. It’s not about Reynolds dying (which he definitely deserves), because they could just let him die if they just wanted him dead . It’s about the state demonstrating their ownership of one of their citizens. The outcome is only a demonstration of power if done according to protocol, with the proper theater for the victims’ relatives, and with proper medicalized procedure (they disinfect the skin before the needle goes in!)

I hope he dies, not to save us money (it probably won’t, now) but just because it’s a loud-n-clear “fuck you” to the State.


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