Uppity Muslim women

A group of Muslim women risked arrest as they sought to pray in the main area of the Islamic Center of Washington — an area ordinarily reserved exclusively for men.

“Wooden barriers have to be taken down and women have to be allowed to join, to pray behind the men in the main praying area. That’s our request,” said Fatima Thompson on Sunday, an American Muslim who converted to the faith 18 years ago.

“We are against gender segregation, against the fact that women are put aside or in a totally different room at the mosque,” added Thompson, who led the group of female protestors, all self-identified progressive Muslims.

The cops were called and they left . krak @ AoSHQ calls this “creeping sharia”. It’s no such thing, but rather the police enforcing the property rights of the mosque congregation, which, if they wished to practice heretical Islam, could simply vote to let the women pray where they wanted to.

I’m of multiple minds about this. I don’t like the way Islam treats women generally, so I’m happy that some are getting uppity.  But this isn’t a clear issue of mistreatment; at worst, it’s “separate but equal”, which is a different issue in religion than in civil law. And just as in Western religions, these women are putting themselves above their religion and above the word of God.  7 years ago, Dagmar Celeste (former Ohio First Lady) and the rest of the Austria 7 decided they needed to be priestesses, and found a priest to do the job. Since female priesthood is outside of Catholic doctrine, the church immediately recognized their self-excommunication. I don’t think Islam has that option (heck, you can’t even leave voluntarily), and I suspect these women don’t have Muslim husbands to beat them. The point is, if you’re going to be something, be it; don’t try to make it into something else. I don’t at all understand why women would want to convert to Islam anyway. But having done so, they should respect what it is, or break away and found a mosque of “Progressive Muslims” or some other hyphenated heretics. “Feminist Muslim” is an oxymoron.


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