Anti-American posters from North Korea

They’re so over-the-top as to seem funny rather than horrific (though — warning — they are horrific) . The iconography is medieval in style and subject (even includes burning at the stake, a real American tradition), as if the Norks had found an illustrated martyrology and figured things hadn’t changed much in 500 years and that as “a Christian nation”, this is what we do. I guess it’s kind of unfair: they get to have imaginative artists do theirs, while we have to settle for prosaic things like videos of execution by firing squad for using a cell phone.


2 Responses to Anti-American posters from North Korea

  1. kishnevi says:

    That one picture is not burning at the stake; that’s a guy getting ready to be hung. If you go back and look you’ll see he’s holding the noose around his neck while he makes whatever grand oration he wants to make, and the soldier on the left is preparing to pull on the rope to hoist him aloft.

    Still rather horrific; I guess it’s a Black Legend posing as a North Korean history of the Korean War (since the civilians all seem to be Asian, and the traditional dress is Korean style).

  2. Jeffrey Quick says:

    No, that’s not the one I’m talking about; look at the very last one. It’s pretty unambiguous; he’s surrounded by flames.

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