Walmart discriminates against little Caucasian girls

…or something.
Guys, Ballerina Teresa was on clearance. If she was “devalued”, it was because Louisiana Negro consumers didn’t pony up the $6 to do their bit for Mattel’s and Walmart’s bottom line….so who actually did the devaluing here? I don’t know if the issue is that Louisiana Negroes don’t like Barbies, or don’t like black Barbies, or can’t relate to ballerinas …and it really doesn’t matter; the product has to go. Would you be happier if Walmart had raised the price to $50? No, because that would have been discriminatory. So it’s not discriminatory if Ballerina Barbie is still $6? It’s not a good thing that poor girls can now buy a doll for 50% off? Come on, I thought we lived in the post-racial age. Millions of Americans didn’t vote for America’s first Black Red President so they could hear race-pimping psychologists whine about trauma to kids’ self-image. Then they claim that Negros buy more Caucasian dolls than vice-versa…hmmm, maybe that’s where the self-image problem is??  Do we need doll apartheid? Mandatory gene tests to make sure you have sufficient African genetics to own a Teresa (or of course Eurogenes for Barbie)?

The racial insensitivity didn’t happen when they dropped the price; it happened when they ordered too many Ballerina Teresas. I’m sure they won’t make that mistake again. Get over it!


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