Fiscal responsibility kabuki

The only Ohio Republican on the House Appropriations Committee, Bainbridge Township’s Steve LaTourette, declined The Plain Dealer’s request for comment after the meeting at which House Republicans agreed to stop requesting earmarks.

In earlier remarks to the Capitol Hill publication Roll Call, LaTourette said that the new committee rules were “stupid” and that they’d work best if also applied to the U.S. Senate and other branches of government.

“It’s all about November,” he said.

You damn bet it is, Steve. Especially since nobody stepped up to the plate to primary-challenge your ass.

He might actually be right though; since they aren’t doing Tea Party Theatre in the Senate, this will probably change nothing. When Boehner introduced this on, the reader response ranged from polite skepticism to open derision. Nobody has told me yet what the penalty will be for “attempting to earmark”. There needs to be one.


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