Consumers Union: another conspiracy against Americans

Coming in this morning, I heard an ad on AM from Consumers Union (the people who do Consumers Reports), supporting fixing health care NOW. OK, granted, they didn’t say HOW to fix it. But in the current climate, the ad could only be interpreted as a call to pass the laws now in Congress.

This ad identified CU as a non-profit. Now, what I don’t know about nonprofit law could fill a book (in spite of me having been President of one), but I’m pretty clear that political lobbying is not permitted, and this is pretty clearly lobbying. They brag about it here.

Hey, Jim Guest, how does it feel to have just flushed your organization’s credibility down the toilet?


One Response to Consumers Union: another conspiracy against Americans

  1. kishnevi says:

    What I don’t know about non profits could probably fill more than a few volumes, but I think they aren’t banned from political lobbying per se: they just lose the ability to receive tax-deductible donations, and possibly tax exempt status. I have no idea what CU’s revenue model is, but donations may no be a big deal for them.

    Come to think of it, the organization I donate to monthly does political lobbying; I’ll have to investigate. (Not that I donate enough to make deducting contributions worthwhile for my income tax. Speaking of which, I received my refund check today. It was four hundred bucks more than I filed for, and the inset with it said details would be coming in the mail. And by the way, if I deposited or cashed it and the overpayment turned out to be erroneous, I would have to pay interest on the government’s mistake.)

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