St. Joseph, pray for Nancy Pelosi

The Anchoress is on a rampage, and rightfully so. The saint are not political fashion accessories, and the Body of Christ is not a human shield to hide one’s evil behind. If  Pelosi is Catholic, maybe I should be Amish. (No computers…I’d never hear of her blasphemies, and I’d be happier. But I’d have to get a new job.)

The best I can pray for is the grace to pray for her…because right now, any request to God involving the name “Pelosi” also contains the word “smite”, and I know I mustn’t go there.

UPDATE: Oh, here Mrs. Scalia goes getting all repentent for being a bad Lizzie and writing mean things about Nancy. I guess this makes me almost as bad a Catholic as Nancy Pelosi, but really, I want to puke.


2 Responses to St. Joseph, pray for Nancy Pelosi

  1. Nathan says:

    Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I will be following your blog from now on. I’ve looked through some of this site’s archives, and am really interested to hear more about your journey in the Faith.

    As for this post, I totally agree. Polosi hides behind the Church, and pretends that she actually follows what the Church teaches…and ends up making the Church look bad in the process. I’m sure that many Catholics around the country are being influenced by her false statements on Church teachings, this is simply disgusting!

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    Ha, some journey! I’m just a Lutheran kid who went Wiccan for 25 years and then suddenly got old enough to get some perspective on history.I’m a Christian like the guy who graduates at the bottom of his med school class is a doctor.

    Given that Pelosi’s party is dedicated to violating “thou shalt not steal” and “Thou shalt not covet…” among other commandments, I suppose we should forgive her the small stuff. Either that, or we have to seriously ask how any Catholic can be a Democrat.

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