Wunnerful wunnerful day

I’ve been so busy being tizzyfied by Those Folks in DC that I haven’t given adequate thanks for my life of relative privilege. And it was a day worth giving thanks for. I exhausted myself working on the farm while the Ferrous One went to a school auction. Several many weeks back our washer died, apparently the tranny, not a cheap fix even on a cheap washer. I’d offered to use plastic and get-r-done, but Rusty’s plan was to buy one cheap at an auction. We’d been at a school auction last weekend and everything was higher than a kite. Yesterday she bit the bullet and curbed it, charitably aiding the underground economy. She came back late, having spent $150 on 2 TVS, 4 VCRS, and a Maytag Performa washer ($80). We hooked it up and are very pleased thus far; it spins like crazy, giving about a 20% reduction in dryer time. Half the TVs and VCRs went to Jamie; we kept the bigger TV (22″, 5″ bigger than my old one) in hopes that the grandchildren will quit asking “Granma, why is your TV so little?” and that we’ll stop having to avoid saying, “Because we’re not on welfare.”  

We found the PBS Jimmy Sturr special, and watched that awhile. I’ve got some Sturr LPs but had never seen him perform. I found myself impressed and professionally appreciative without somehow being drawn into what he does. It’s kind of updated Lawrence Welk. A HUGE band, in polka terms (12 guys or so instead of 5). But for me, not ethnic or funky enough. Polish style (honky or push, it’s all good) is my fave. (Ukrainian polka can be even better, sort of a cross between polka and klezmer, but you seldom hear it.) Dutchman style can be good if the tuba is good, but for German I prefer a driving Avsenik-style bass line (well, yeah, I played that in what was almost an Avsenik tribute band). Czech and Scandi can be good, Slovenian doesn’t do much for me (heresy! run him out of town!). But Sturr is so American…nothing wrong with that and he’s certainly been successful, just not my thing.

And, oh yeah, we were too busy to celebrate much, but we’ve been married 5 years today.


3 Responses to Wunnerful wunnerful day

  1. John Venlet says:

    Jeffrey, Congrats on being married 5 years.

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    First time I’ve made it this far…and this time, mortality will be the limiting factor. And we were together over 4 years before we finally tied the knot.

    Monogamy: one of the last acts of rebellion left.

  3. kishnevi says:

    mazel tov!

    And also congratulations on having a PBS station that thinks music during pledge season does not need to involve Andre Rieu, Andrea Bocelli, or the Andrew Sisters.

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