“Don’t hand me any Novembers…”

You knew Billy would check in this morning:

The Republicans have not had a single morally probative principle under them in all of the fifty-three years that I have been alive. They have been passively complicit in this whole disaster every step of the way, in their spineless stupidity, and I wouldn’t care if they ended up painting Nancy Pelosi’s toenails and feeding her bon-bons for the rest of their worthless lives.

When even John Effing McCain is talking about repeal, you know it’s empty sound and fury. I’m perfectly willing to use the Republicans against the Democrats, and to clean Republican house as I can, but your typical Republican (like, say my Dad) is way too much of a squish to create a fundamental realignment. We’d be better off giving politicians the social opprobrium that we now give child molesters. I’m tired of smiling sweetly at my pinko colleagues and “not getting political”. They’re thieves and whores, all of them.


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