Betrayus for President

The pseudonymous Mr. Vandam alerts us to Presidential talk swirling around General Petraeus.

The key problem here is not that he’s a Rockefeller Republican or a lifelong feeder at the government trough — problematic as those are. Rather, it’s the tendency of the electorate to worship the Man (or woman, in Palin’s case) In White Armor. Anyone who is made Savior of the Nation (including THE Savior, who has already turned down the kingdoms of this world), no matter how right they are, will inevitably get caught up in public adulation and lose their way. Even Ron Paul. Even Billy Beck. Though I imagine Billy would pull a Lyndon Johnson on steriods: “If nominated, I will kill those who nominated me. If elected, my first and last official act will be to issue an executive order abolishing the government.” After which the Princes of This World would doubtless abolish Wm. J. Beck III.


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