Hutaree raid

Just a few random thoughts on this..if you want detail, Vanderbeogh is your man.

1. “Christian” militia. If I hear this one more time, I’m going to puke. I’m not a pacifist, and don’t see my faith as being incompatible with military service. But “Christian militia” necessarily implies “militia fighting to impose Christianity”, and that is statist, heretical, and an embarrassment to Christianity. This is before we get into their actual belief system…which I’ve seen very little on, but which seems to involve really creative reading of the Book of Revelation. And where does “Hutaree” come from or mean anyway? It sounds a lot like “Hutterite”…who are absolute pacifists.

2. Cops are a bad target. Police have a useful role to play in society, but unfortunately most have sold their consciences for a job. They work for government, but they haven’t made FedGov what it is. They are people we want on our side. It would make as much sense to kill newsboys because they distribute the lying mainstream media. It would make much more sense to kill Welfare case workers. I think Mike is right that this was an agent-provocateur attempt to split police from the military part of the Threeper movement.

3. The system worked. The feds didn’t cowboy anyone, the militias didn’t march, everyone knew these guys were a-holes. Was it a deliberate and well-timed setup by the Feds? Eh ya you betcha. But some people were flakes, and other people kept their heads on strainght.


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