The National Marketing Survey for Government

Soja is on a roll about the Censless:

Instead of selling “representation” in service to the ideals of liberty and justice, the government is now wholly invested in selling buses, trains, hospitals, schools, job training centers, senior centers, and emergency services, among other things, to its various factions….Is there a privately owned bus system in the world that can’t tell on a daily, or even hourly basis, whether it is meeting customer demand or disastrously overestimating it?


2 Responses to The National Marketing Survey for Government

  1. david says:

    The way I see it, the census has just become a way to attemp to count all the displaced people that this”global economy ” has created. The Wallyworlds and Free Trade agreements have played such a part in the destruction of our manufacturing base it’s pathetic. And as the shoppers leave places that I used to call Wallyworld and more recently began to refer to as CHINAMART they are oblivious to those that are forced to scour the trash bins in the bottle return room for the dimes or nickels they are able to scavenge to just maybe but a bit of food. Or are these the people they DON’T want to count and just want gone?

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    The problem with the global economy is that, while under a system of free trade the average standard of living rises, it also equalizes, and most Americans don’t want to split the difference with Mozambique. But most are doing well enough. So are you willing to stand outside Walmart with a gun and order people not to shop there? Or would you rather delegate that violence to the State?

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