Timmy’s staff is SKEERED again


the letter addressed to the congressman had no return address and had “critical information” and “requested information” written on it

so they called the cops, who

found an “angry letter” about Ryan’ s vote in favor of the health-care bill inside.

OK, better safe than sorry, I suppose.  What’s really tragic about this is the union goons commenting: 

These people are a disgrace and their voting rights should be revoked immediately….Freedom of speech yes, but this crosses the line.

Now, note, all this guy did was not put a return address on his envelope. That’s not a violation of law. One might better ask WHY he did not…was he afraid of being put on some enemies list? Back when I was young, we expected honest snail replies from our politicians, and sometimes even got them. Now we know they will lie and spin to get our votes, so we care about what they think about as much as they care what we think. The moral of the story is: if you want to communicate with Kentucky Fried Ryan, use a return address and no unusual markings. It doesn’t have to be your own, of course;  just don’t get any innocent parties in trouble. Union halls, police stations, and your local Bourgeois Marxist tabloid are all fair game, I would think.

And speaking of letters…don’t show your ass, like that guy who sent the ultimatum letter to the governors. That’s something a middle-school kid would do. There’s no reason for anyone to take that sort of thing seriously, until you have demonstrated that you can remove governors from office (and God help us if you do). Even then, they’ll play the odds that you’ll be put down before you get to their name on the list. If you think they need killing, kill ’em, don’t go around moral grandstanding about how you’ll let them leave office peacefully. And if you can’t/won’t kill them, STFU, because the only other way is the ballot box, and they aren’t going to quit in 3 days to avoid being humiliated in November. Ain’t. Gonna. Happen.


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