Cheese with that whine, Mr. Hare?

On Thursday, Hare went to a scheduled public forum in Quincy to explain why he voted for the health care bill. Instead, he says he was called a liar and a Nazi, heckled and booed, and interrupted by a man with a videocamera who asked him the same question ”’at least 20 times” about the constitutionality of the bill.

At one point, Hare is heard and seen answering the man with the camera ”I don’t worry about the constitution on this to be honest.”

The videographer says ‘jackpot”.

‘I have never met anybody that rude. When I said 40 thousand people a year are dying because they don’t have health care, they booed me and called me a liar. When I said 114 thousand people a day lost their health insurance, they laughed and booed.”

Quit doing hateful things, and you won’t be hated. Quit saying ridiculous things, and people won’t laugh at you. It’s really that simple. Your expectation that the rape victim should stroke your hair and tell you how cute you are is pretty repugnant.


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