Ag report

Asparagus patch and rhubarb is cleaned out, strawberries halfway there. Yesterday I planted 2 grapes, transplanted volunteer onions and garlic, put in fava beans and peas, started tomatoes, eggplant and peppers, spread lime. Today I planted 2 rows of sprouty potatoes…we’ll see if they make, not much loss if they don’t. Usually I wouldn’t dare this early, but the soil is fairly dry, even takes to hoeing (and I have a blister to prove it.). In another couple I could till if I wanted, but I’ll save that for busting new ground. Rusty and I shored up chicken fences against goats. Red girls need a new yard but under the house isn’t closed off, and before we do, we need to replace the legs of the house on that side, which are rotting. Not a difficult job, but obnoxious and time-consuming.


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