Roadkill in downtown Cleveland

The first caller [ca. 4:30] said the body was near Lorain Avenue, and it “scared the crap out of me.” The second caller, at 5:34 a.m., said the body was between West 41st and West 47th and would “start freaking people out.” The third caller said the body was near West 44th.
And the fourth caller, an ODOT worker, said the body was under West 41st. The dispatcher told him the area was already checked and the body is a deer.
“It don’t look like a deer to me,” he said. He then walks back to the body to answer the dispatcher’s questions. “Can you see the clothing description on her?”
“She’s naked,” he said.

Deer, negress, they’re both brown, right? Good thing she was dead dead when she got there, and not working on getting dead.

Dispatchers told a Second District officer to check the area. He reported “a possible deer on the side of the road and ODOT was notified,” Morris said in a news release.

Seriously, you’d think that a cop would see enough dead bodies to know the difference. It doesn’t sound from the autopsy that we’re talking about hamburger here, quite.


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