“May I have a bowl with some mustache hair in it?”

The latest request for a serving from the cannibal pot comes from:

…tax policy professor John Yeutter and the St. Louis-based American Mustache Institute. The tongue-in-cheek group dubs itself “the world’s only facial hair advocacy and research organization.”

On the eve of the deadline to file income tax returns, the professor and the AMI are pushing for a $250 annual tax incentive for people with mustaches. The funds would be used for mustache grooming supplies.

Yeutter is apparently an Associate Professor of Accounting at Northeastern State (and a competitive mustache-grower), so I would hope his request is tongue-in-cheek. AMI’s proposal seems quite serious, or at least detailed.  It is probably no more ridiculous than much of what has hitherto passed for “stimulus”, but in an age where The Onion is mistaken for a public-policy journal, it’s humor we don’t need.


One Response to “May I have a bowl with some mustache hair in it?”

  1. Jim Quick says:

    Great I would finally qualify for a tax rebate,
    but wait maybe it is a tax deduction and I am an old fart living off your SS taxes and pay no income tax.
    Still it makes almost as much sense as 90% of the expenses of our Progressive Government.


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