Long pig stew with tea: Space Coast, FL

The TEA Partiers were out in Florida to protest sky-high government spending, deficits reaching to the moon, millions of dollars going up in smoke…eh, maybe not so much.

Ms. CONNIE SMITH (Space Coast Patriots): Now, some people might say this is an entitlement program. But the space center provides so many more benefits than any entitlement program. We get tons of technology, tons and the high paying jobs that come out of here. What high paying jobs are we getting from Cash For Clunkers?

What kind of jobs and benefits would we get if Kennedy were sold to the highest bidder, and we gave private enterprise the freedom to explore and homestead space? Or if we all kept our money and used it to vote for the kind of jobs WE wanted to see?

“MY program is essential; YOUR program is a boondoggle.” Good luck with that…


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