Susine-American dies of old age

Daryl Gates, the guy who invented the SWAT team and D.A.R.E., and was the head officer on duty (or not) during the Rodney King unpleasantness, has disincarnated. Present whereabouts are unknown, but if he wishes to continue his earthly career, he has to go where the bad guys are.

H/T: Claire

UPDATE: he was a bigger douche than I ever thought possible, with a penchant for spying:

He asked me, in the crude language of cops, if I liked women with red hair and large bosoms. Sure, I said, what guy doesn’t?

What in the world, I thought, prompted that question?

Immediately, Gates began recounting to me a blind date I had been on a few nights before, down to the details of what we ordered at LA Nicola on Sunset near East Hollywood. He even critiqued the champagne I shared with the woman who has been my wife now for almost 28 years.


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