NY ASS[emblyman] seeks to nationalize spleens

… hearts, kidneys, livers, and doubtless brains and genitals.

Of course, your guts have already been nationalized, given that you can’t sell them. This is “for your own good” as a market in organs would allegedly mean that you’d wake up one day in a bathtub full of ice, missing your left kidney. We forbid the sale of babies, too, and have “streamlined procedures” so that unwanted children can be adopted. Nevertheless, one regularly reads of babies being yanked live from their mother’s womb, with the mother generally ending up dead.

But this is a further wrinkle. So far, you still own your guts enough to be able to take them to the grave. And theoretically, under this law, you can still do so, if you opt out. But as Soja says, “It really is the Vampire State.” . I wonder if they’ll be claiming the blood, too?


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