Asheville anarchist rampage

Filthy teabaggers. More windows broken in 15 minutes than in all of the Window War, but do you think SPLC will list any of these folks?

Carsky is listed as a senior biology student at UNC Asheville, according to the school directory. Allgeier is a sophomore studying women’s studies and art at UNC Chapel Hill, the student directory shows. Stezer attends Alamance Community College in Graham, and Ullian goes to Goddard College in Plainfield, Vt., arrest warrants show.

Major was named in a civil rights lawsuit filed in Michigan last year, according to online court documents. She was named as a participant in protest at a church organized by Bash Back!, a radical gay rights organization with chapters around the country.

Ferrand-Sapsis is a street artist who sometimes goes by “Scritch.” According to news reports, she’s also been involved in the Lawrence, Kan.-based Allied Resistance Network, an anarchist group that help create a newsletter produced by and for prisoners.

H/T: Vanderbeogh commenter jpr9954


2 Responses to Asheville anarchist rampage

  1. kishnevi says:

    “at a church organized by Bash Back!, a radical gay rights organization”

    That article needed a better copyeditor. At first sight, that sounds like Bash Back! decided to form its own church because the MCC and TEC were not liberal enough for its tastes.

  2. Taxi Service says:

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    […]Asheville anarchist rampage « The Quick and the Dead[…]…

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