Remember the dead

And just after reading several accounts of May Day carnage (It’s Beltane, Arschlochen! You’re supposed to screw, not riot!) Venlet makes a bid for reclaiming Commie Day as a memorial to the victims of Communism. Particularly valuable for links to others doing likewise. Maybe next year.
H/T: McPhillips


One Response to Remember the dead

  1. kishnevi says:

    One of the local PBS stations will be broadcasting a documentary called “The Soviet Story” that purports to tell the full story of Soviet atrocities. Down here it will be shown just before Memorial Day weekend–which I suppose might be suitable enough. Never heard of the people involved, so I have no idea of how good it will actually be. And since it’s PBS, it will be a matter of “check your local listings” if you want to see it for yourself.

    BTW, “arschlochen” doesn’t really work. Not as potent as the English : it merely sounds like you need someone to respond, “Gesundheit!” 🙂

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